Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fantastic Fridays

I'll write more about this in my blog soon, but just to catch you up, the boys have been attending a home school co-op called Fantastic Fridays. Yesterday Ms. Kathleen, our family's very sweet and very talented cello teacher, joined our music class for a cello demonstration.

the class, singing a warm-up song
The children were very engaged in the lesson.
She's amazing with kids.
tuning Jackson's tiny cello
Jackson, nervously waiting for his introduction
Jackson and Ms. Kathleen, playing Twinkle, Twinkle together

She was absolutely amazing. One little boy, who is known to be a little talkative and rowdy, shouted out that he wanted a cello too and that he was sad because he didn't have one. Awesome, huh? My sweet Jackson was very shy while she was there (he's actually coming out of his shell quite a bit in this class because he has a couple of friends he enjoys playing with), but he played like a champ. Afterwards he told me it was hard to play for his friends. I can relate. But he did it, and that makes him a hero, I think.
When we got home, I took a few more shots because it was Aaron's birthday. Don't I have the sweetest boys in the world?

Happy Birthday, Dear Aaron!

Today was my baby Aaron's first birthday party. We celebrated with a Very Hungry Caterpillar party.

The balloon was his favorite present.

"On Wednesday, he ate through 3 plums. But he was still hungry."

"On Saturday he ate through one piece of chocolate cake..."

"That night he had a stomachache." Yes, he's totally out in this picture. Birthdays are hard.

Happy birthday, precious Aaron.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Now, THAT'S a Snowman

It snowed again today--a lot. It was a complete surprise too. We were at church having playgroup when the skies just opened up and dumped about 2 inches of snow on our world. It was slow-going getting home, but once we were here the boys were SO excited. We had to run out and make a snowman. Here he is:

Much better than our 2-foot-tall snowman from 2 weeks ago, no? It's been a really long time since I've made a real snowman. Those snowballs are HEAVY. We're inside now and warming our toes and praying for lots more snow tonight. It's so pretty and fun to get snowed in.