Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17, 2009




Nolan (well, as close as we can get for now)

The crew

Here we are TRYING to get a picture with Mama.
Guess who wasn't cooperating?

All the boys with their Mama IN ONE FRAME
Impressive, no? (It took only 2 hours.)

Mama loves these boys.

Sweet boy kisses

Aaron is sitting. Quick! Take the picture!

Those are some pretty cute cowboys. But wait! Shouldn't there be a horse?

Ah, yes. There he is. And looking so cooperative!

Sure, you've heard of the headless horseman.
But have you ever heard of the headless horse?

Fine, I'll put the head on. But I won't be happy about it.
It's a showdown.

Happy Halloween, y'all!