Monday, January 19, 2009

The New Year

We made a trip to Atlanta last weekend. We visited the aquarium, swam in the (indoor) pool, and slept in a hotel (which was what excited the kids the most). It was a great trip, with the exception of the baby getting sick and being pretty fussy. When we got home I took him to the doctor who told me he has a double ear infection and Adenovirus. So, considering all that, I guess he was actually pretty good!
I love this picture because you can see Aaron screaming. He loved the hotel pool, but he was NOT happy at the aquarium. Poor little guy.
They were watching the whale shark above their heads.
This is the aquarium mascot. Ei wouldn't go near him.
They were exhausted after a long day. They crashed.

And today, IT FINALLY SNOWED! Daddy was out of town, so he missed it! Shucks.

Jackson made a snow angel (kind of). Ei said it was too cold to lay on the ground. Smart kid.
We built a tiny snowman. He has Mr. Potato Head features. They were very proud of him.

It's never too cold to swing!

It was pretty cold outside. They are resting on the sofa with their feet on a hot rice sock.