Thursday, June 4, 2009


First, a little cuteness in video form.  Just listening to the big boys giggle in the background makes the whole video worth it.

This next series of pictures illustrates why my dog still lives with us, despite her constant shedding and barking at everything to pass our window.

DSCN3643DSCN3646  DSCN3647 Yeah, you just can't make this dog mad.  And so, we keep her.

I didn't get a picture of the boys picking the beans, but this is our first crop from the garden.  The boys swear that they hate green beans, but I cooked these (all 11 of them), and we ate them for a little snack.  They loved them and begged me to go pick some more.  Unfortunately, the rest of the beans are only about an inch long right now.


We went to the Festival of Reading and rode the horse-drawn carriage.  This is after the ride.  I couldn't get a during picture because I rode with them.


We went to the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga.  If you haven't been, go now.  I mean it.  Stop looking at pictures of my children, pack up your things, and start driving.  It was great fun.  We're in Chattanooga so much that we joined the museum, so I'm sure we'll be back a lot.

This picture is of a cup tower game they were playing.  My camera battery died before I could get a picture of the finished product, but it was about as tall as they were.

DSCN3631  DSCN3588 DSCN3538 DSCN3550   DSCN3582DSCN3580  DSCN3608DSCN3618DSCN3627DSCN3628

This is the giant musical instrument exhibit.  It was so cool.  The boys spent a lot of time here. 


Want to see how it works?  Here's a video.  Cool, huh?

Jackson and Ms. Kathleen played at the library during storytime.  This is the alphabet song.  Yes, that's Aaron chiming in with "MAMA" around the letter V.  He wanted me to pick him up and was not happy that I was holding the camera instead.  He's not a fan of the cello because it usually means that someone else is getting attention.

We played kickball with the other kids from homeschool co-op. 

  DSCN3409 DSCN3444

Well, Aaron played in the dirt while the boys played kickball...

DSCN3429 ...which explains why he looked like this before we left.DSCN3514 DSCN3405

This is the boys' music class performance.


And this is, quite possibly, the cutest thing I've ever seen:  the boys' tap performance (same night as the music class).  I wish I had a video to upload here because the pictures don't do this justice at all.  Unfortunately, my video camera is not Vista-compatible.  Thanks a lot, Bill. 

DSCN3378 DSCN3382

Jackson and Ms. Kathleen played for the MOPS kids.


Easter egg hunting

DSCN3362 DSCN3361 DSCN3356 DSCN3364

This is in the hotel in Chattanooga (our home away from home).  Ei fell asleep like this (with his feet propped up on the wall).  That boy sleeps like his daddy.


Sock Monkey jammies!

DSCN3242 DSCN3244

And a birthday party with miniature bowling and lots of fun rides and games

DSCN3225 DSCN3213 DSCN3208 DSCN3210 DSCN3219